Feeding the climbers

View from the cragView from the crag

At the weekend I joined the UEA Climbing Club on a trip to the Peak District National Park. We stayed in a hut with a big kitchen and a communal area with a log burning stove; when you’ve spent all day climbing in the cold, this is all you need! On Saturday evening as the flames greedily consumed logs and coal, the ten of us defrosted with a beer and a plate of hot stodgy food.

The food routine is well established; on the way there on Friday we stop in Newark for pie and chips and on the way back on Sunday we stop for a burger. The Student Union allows a food budget of £5 each per weekend which covers porridge, two days’ lunches and dinner on Saturday night. £50 went on sandwich materials and fruit for lunches and ingredients to make a cauldron of mushroom risotto. We used three 500g boxes of arborio rice, two large punnets of mushrooms, a pack of 9p stock cubes, half a bottle of Pinot Grigio and a large block of value tasty cheddar left over from the sandwiches. I supplemented this with a big handful of mixed dried mushrooms from my stash at home. By the time the risotto was ready I was so hungry I forgot to take any photos! I have included some climbing photos instead;

Ultimate Gritetone Experience

Ultimate Gritetone Experience

20130224_150831View from the top of Curbar, near Art of Japan

The temperature stayed close to zero all weekend and the threat of snow was ever present. From a distance we must have looked like lizards crawling on the rocks; basking in the sun when it peeped through the clouds.


5 thoughts on “Feeding the climbers

  1. Cheers Nick, yes I was the sucker that got to stir a huge vat of glutenous rice for half an hour! It turned out really well though so it was worth the tennis elbow.

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