My name is Alfie and for twenty two years I have nibbled, gnawed, sucked, sampled and savoured just about every item of food put in front of me. Suffice to say that if I am not eating food, i am sure to be eagerly anticipating my next encounter with it.

From September 2009 to July 2012, I studied English Literature at the University of East Anglia in the beautiful city of Norwich. Alongside my studies I worked as a goatherd, a cheesemonger, market holder, sushi chef and most recently pizza chef.

At a time of increasing student fees and decreasing graduate jobs, on arrival into the ‘real world’ I am keen to latch on to a passion of mine and see how far it carries me. This blog will document my first year as a graduant, the food I come across, and my adventures in pursuing food as a career. Welcome to my blog.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Alfie, thanks for visiting my blog, glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for your comment, it’s great to hear from you. It’s great that you have grown up with such an obvious love of food, and enjoy good food and bread, your blog is fantastic.
    I have seen a couple of places where Tracebridge and your parents have popped up, I’m only just over the border near Cullompton.
    As you’ve probably seen I have built my own little pizza oven, and love to cook in it too. I have yet to try Tracebridge Sourdough bread, but hope that to change soon.
    It’s good to link in like this, I love to meet people as passionate about food as I am.

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