Pastrami and gherkin ciabatta

Today Annabel and I walked to Frank’s bar for brunch. Inside the low ceilings and warm colours made for a cosy atmosphere. We got two big mugs of coffee and checked out the menu, which as well as cooked meals includes brunch until 3pm, all day tapas and sandwiches.¬†Two people walking past our table with a scrabble board affirmed that Frank’s bar is my kind of place!

Autumn colours on the walk into town

The focal point of most days for me is food, and today was no exception. I was after a meaty sandwich and a side of chips…

Pastrami, gherkin and mustard mayonnaise on warm crispy ciabatta

Luckily they don’t do chips as I think I would have exploded otherwise. The bread had the perfect balance of crispy crust and soft chewy crumb and inside there was a generous quantity of pastrami and gherkins.

Fishy lampshade

Frank’s Bar interior

Big mugs of coffee

Frank’s bar is a place where I could sit and chill for a long time. The food was really good value and the ambiance relaxed; its clear they would rather maintain a chilled out vibe than turn the tables over to cram as many covers in as possible. They show a film every Sunday afternoon which sounds very appealing! Definitely somewhere I will go back to.